Our core business is to deliver a match between companies and our network of specialists and IT consultants.

With 10 years of experience in the industry, PITEQ ensures the best results for all parties.

We guarantee the quality of our corporate networks and specialists. Therefore, we also offer a "No Match, No Pay Solution".

PITEQ puts all new candidates through a approval process before candidates are allowed to apply for tasks. The companies will likewise go through an approval process also.

Resgister a company and get a PITEQ account manager, who is ready to help you in the search of the best matching candidate for your next project, regardless of complexity and scope.

From registration of a candidate, to matching of a project

Candidate Flowchart

Competence Match

PITEQ competence matching

Being an approved candidate makes the companies able to find you via search queries in order to find a match for a specific project. You will as an approved candidate be able to search for projects, apply to them and follow your project status online. Please note, that companies also have the possibility to create projects in private tender. You will therefore not be able to see every project.

Your profile contains a competence matrix, and the customers' projects also contains certain competence needs. It is therefore imperative that you insert all of your competences.

PITEQ has a great focus on competence matching, which ensures that the task matches the specialists competences and field of work.

In connection with your registration, we recommend that you upload your own resume and fill in all information. The information speeds up the further process of finding tasks and getting your CV optimized. Please note, that your resume is not visible to our customers before it is approved.

We recommend that you mark a geographical region, where you wish to work. This however, doesn't exclude you from getting offers outside of your selected area. It is merely an indication of your price within the selected area.

Our customer-base consists of the biggest companies in Denmark, as well as middle-sized organizations, smaller companies and start-ups. We are therefore looking for a lot of different types of consultants. Everything from developers to business consultants. So if you are interested in becoming a part of a robust, professional network, then become a consultant at PITEQ.

Please note, that you are as a candidate, required to go through an approval process before becoming visible to the companies at PITEQ. PITEQ sets a high standard for our consultants competences. Please note, that it is a required to have at least 5 years of professional experience to be entitled as a senior consultant.

From registration of a company, to matching of a project

Candidate Flowchart

Are you looking for the best matching specialist for your project?

PITEQ's goal is to secure that the candidates in our network are skillfully qualified, professional and always have an up-to-date profile, in order to secure your project's progress and solution.

You, as a company, are in control of your own projects, but a PITEQ account manager is always ready to help you along the way.

In our system, we call a task a project, because that's the professional angle we take, and every task is to be treated as a project. You, as a company, are free to choose whether the project should be publicly visible, or private. Another possibility is to let PITEQ handle the project, and that's no matter what phase the project is in.

Specify your projects, no matter the complexity and scope of the project. If you as a company choose to make a project public, then that means that the specialists in our network is able to see your project, and likewise able to apply for the project.

Do you want to be a part of our professional network? Then contact PITEQ, and gain access to a quality-concious and constantly expanding network of professional specialists.

After registering the company online, you will be contacted and contracts etc. will be discussed. Register my company.

PITEQ kandidate control

At PITEQ, we have a flexible and transparent approach.

It is PITEQ's primary task to keep our network up-to-date by following up on our CV's, as well as our specialists availability, so that you can search through a network of verified candidates.

PITEQ's customer-base consists of the largest companies in Denmark, as well as middle-sized organizations, small companies and start-ups.

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If you have surplus capacity in the company, then your specialists can be rented as consultants to solve projects for other companies with Concept+.

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Our profits are based on sales of hours and projects

You enter your desired prices in the system, and we add a percentual benefit on top of that price. Therefore, it doesn't cost you anything to register, to be registered, being offered tasks, or applying for projects.

PITEQ reserves the right to approve and reject candidates

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PITEQ Marketplace MATCH

”No Match, No Pay”

Matching service

Recommended match

All-the-way assistance

Dedicated account manager

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