Flexible consultant getting on the train

The flexible labor market in Denmark

The flexible labor market, what is it? – In the “old days” the wise men said that you should change your job every three to six years. That was believed to be the norm if you wanted to stay sharp and not be stuck in status quo. Today’s Denmark has however changed itself to having […]

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Consultant showing co-workers ideas

Do you need a consultant for your project?

Do you need to get an extra push in your project so that you can be sure to meet your deadline? Do you want to take advantage of the surplus capacity of your employees, or do you have a project in mind that you would like to get going in the near future? Then PITEQ […]

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Group of consultants

Become a Freelance Consultant today!

PITEQ has more than 10 years of experience within the consultancy business. Therefore, we would like to help you kickstart your career as a freelance consultant, so that you can become a part of our network, and thereby have an easier time finding your next project. It has become a lot easier to be an […]

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