The flexible labor market in Denmark

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The flexible labor market, what is it? – In the “old days” the wise men said that you should change your job every three to six years.

That was believed to be the norm if you wanted to stay sharp and not be stuck in status quo. Today’s Denmark has however changed itself to having a much more flexible labor market, and it’s still undergoing changes.

Being a master of routine can have its pros inside certain industries, but in a flexible labor market, such as the Danish labor market, where there is great demand for I.T consultants, R&D developers, marketing consultats etc., means that it’s not good to be complacent.

–  If you don’t follow the evolution and keep up to date through courses, diplomas and other relevant studies, then you risk falling behind when it comes to grooming your CV and looking for new projects.

What does the flexible labor market mean to me?

What it means depends on the individual consultant, but it gives you a unique opportunity to have a certain freedom and flexibility that a regular full time employee doesn’t have, and never will, no matter their company policy.

That the labor market is flexible can mean that you, as a freelancer, can get the freedom to pick up your kids from the institution every day, or that you have time to develop your career and get your core competences in use, just like you always dreamt of.

– No matter what road you choose, you can get the work-life balance that you wish for.

But in order to be independant you must be, well… just that – independant; but also professional and very strong-willed in order to enjoy and make use of the freedom you get, while still being able to work effectively when you’re under “working hours”. Otherwise it won’t succeed in the long run.

Men for at være selvstændig, skal du være, ja… lige netop det, selvstændig, men også professionel og meget viljestærk for at kunne nyde og udnytte den frihed du får, samtidig med at du skal kunne arbejde effektivt når du har “arbejdstid”, eller vil du ikke lykkedes i det lange løb.

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Closer to full control over your own life

And with the flexible labor market we to today, you can start by getting full control over your work life. No other than yourself can decide what kind of tasks you take on, or who your next employter will be.

The level of freedom naturally depends on what type of freelancer you are. Because, as a freelancer who specializes in electrical engineering, project management etc., there can be demands where you are needed on-site.

But are you however a freelancer within marketing, journalism, or photography, then you have the opportunity to control every aspect of your work life, with full flexibility.

Life as a consultant is by no means a dance on roses. You can’t expect to “pick and choose” between all the good projects all the time. Sometimes it can be necessary to take the projects that doesn’t necessarily compliment your core competences. However, your expertise can still be challenged, and thereby accumulate new experiences that you can bring along for new projects.

How do you tackle the constantly changing employers?

It’s not secret that you often come across as a geek when you enter a well established organization as a consultant. In reality, everyone that dives into topics and specializes themselves are geeks; geeks that has found an area of focus, and have continuously bettered themselves until they were the best in the industry. Those are the types of people were look for here at PITEQ. Sign up as a consultant here.

Changing your employer every three to six years has become more of the norm in the flexible labor market. Many experts has expressed themselves, and claimed that it’s today’s “Zap Culture” that’s the cause of lack of focus, and that a lot of people, plain and simple, get bored of routine tasks. What we heard, is that people choose the life as a freelance consultant because they have the opportunity to receive new, challenging tasks that motivates them.

At skifte arbejdsgiver ofte, er dog på det fleksible arbejdsmarked blevet mere en norm end at sidde i den samme stilling tre til seks år. Mange eksperter har ytret sig og påstået at det er nutidens “Zapper-kultur” der er skyld i et manglende fokus og at mange, bare helt generelt keder sig med rutineprægede opgaver. Det vi hører er, at man har valgt livet som freelance konsulent, fordi at man kan få nye opgaver der udfordrer dem fagligt og samtidig motiverer dem til at yde lidt ekstra.

As a freelance consultant, it often revolves around self-realization

To follow your dreams is very satisfying, and as a freelance consultant, it’s exactly what you have the opportunity to do. You probably have an entrepreneur or two in your family, and have always dreamt of being your own boss. Life as a self-employed can be tough, but it’s rewarding, and that’s why it’s so incredibly attractive to many people.

To have immersed one self into something so much that you become an expert is just a little extra satisfying, but to be your own boss and do what you love, means so much more. Who else can look forward to a monday as a self-employed, who loves what he does? As long as you work by your own conditions, and follow your dreams, mondays will never be a day you want to get over with.

At have fordybet sig i noget, så meget at man bliver ekspert er bare ekstra tilfredsstillende, at man så endda kan arbejde som sin egen chef og gøre det man elsker, betyder så meget mere. Hvem kan ellers glæde sig til en mandag, som en selvstændig der elsker det han laver? Så længe du arbejder på dine egne betingelser og følger dine drømme, vil mandag aldrig mere være en dag der skal overstås.

Follow your dreams, become a freelance consultant at PITEQ!

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