Do you need a consultant for your project?

Consultant showing co-workers ideas

Do you need to get an extra push in your project so that you can be sure to meet your deadline? Do you want to take advantage of the surplus capacity of your employees, or do you have a project in mind that you would like to get going in the near future?

Then PITEQ can help you.

If you have surplus capacity in your business, then, in reality, you’re losing money.

The very skilled consultants seems like a priceless resource, and other companies could use exactly just your employee’s competences. So if you give others the opportunity to “lend” your employees a couple of hours/days/weeks or maybe even longer, but only a certain couple of hours each week, then you can take advantage of your employee’s working hours more effectively.

The only thing you have to do, is to register your company at PITEQ. Then we can help you to get your employees matched with exciting projects, and get the most out of their competences at the same time.

If you however are a company that is in need of a skilled consultant, then we can help you with that as well.

All companies, who register at PITEQ, have the functionality to create further company users, candidates, and project managers within their own company, so that the roles of the company can be divided between the different parties within the company.

This is why there are several roles as a company user, and you can create your own employees as candidates, who are all at the same level as our other feelance consultants.

Therefore, you must not look at PITEQ as a regular freelance platform. At PITEQ, the company actually have the possibility to make use of the new flexible labor market model, which is seen increasingly in Denmark.

Is your current choice torn between a full time employee and a flexible consultant?

Then we are well aware of which solution the companies choose in most cases, but the Danish labor market model is undergoing a significant change, and the future lies within the flexible labor market.

Article link to “The flexible labor market” (The page opens in a new tab).

So why hire someone full time for a specific need, when the company is well aware of that there are no more tasks for the employee when the task at hand is resolved?

Hire a flexible consultant through PITEQ instead.

It has numerous benefits, i.e.

  • The period of employment is specified from the beginning (so that you are 100% clear about all expenses regarding the consultant).
  • The consultant can work on-site or remote (depending on the company’s needs).
  • The consultant reports his own hours and you are 100% in control of the process.

PITEQ is well aware of the importance of your projects, but your continuous growth and well-being is however a tad more important.

So by hiring a consultant through PITEQ, we can ensure you that you get the competences that you need, so that your project isn’t drawn in elongation, maintains deadlines and is solved in the best manner.

When your company has unused surplus in capacity, then the company lose potential revenues. The extra revenue could have attributed to developing the company’s future, but instead, the extra revenue is lost… Register your company at PITEQ, and make use of your surplus in capacity today.

Are you in need of a skilled consultant to ensure the finish of your project? Perhaps your deadline is closing in, and you are in need of help at the end. Register your company, and search for consultants so that your project will safely come to conclusion.

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