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Group of consultants

PITEQ has more than 10 years of experience within the consultancy business. Therefore, we would like to help you kickstart your career as a freelance consultant, so that you can become a part of our network, and thereby have an easier time finding your next project.

It has become a lot easier to be an independant consultant now, than looking back just 5 years. The projects are now searchable on the internet, and the opportunity for tasks has become so flexible that you don’t have to be limited by time and place.

The flexible labor market is a significant, observable change we see today within a lot of different businesses. This makes it possible for the consultants to put together a schedule, which suits their needs, while still preserving the interest of the organizations. It is a huge advantage for both parties. As a consultant, you get the opportunity to distribute your time in the best possible manner, and the companies get a flexible workforce, since flexibility is a 2-way street. The primary schedules would be the following:

  • Remote
  • On-site
  • On-site/Remote mix

Naturally, there will be different needs, depending on the organization and the project. But in general, there are no limitations in the working relationship between the consultants and the orgnizations; as long as everything has been discussed, and agreed upon beforehand by the organizations, the consultants and PITEQ.

Important things to note as a consultant in the current labor market

It is important, that you as a consultant, adapt to the different organizations that you work for. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have come to a compromise with your own values. When you adapt to the organizations, then you already have a good overview of the project. You know who the key people are, what values the organizations prioritizes, etc.
Adapting to the organization will result in the best possible project-flow, and thereby secure the best solutions to the project.

The consultancy business is a constantly changing, and challenging business. That’s why it’s important that you as a consultant is able to adapt to changes, and willing to take the turn that the project might take. Remember, you are hired as a specialist, and you will therefore often find yourself dealing with many different, challenging tasks that the organizations currently can’t solve on their own. That’s why it’s important that you see new challenges as an exciting opportunity, and that you are up front about your strengths and weaknesses, so that the task can be solved in the best manner.

As a consultant, you are able to add a personal touch on the projects that you are a part of, and thereby contributing to “a new tomorrow”, and the ongoing development of the different businesses and their industry. Therefore, it’s important that you follow the development within your specialist field so that you are always up to date, and thereby able to deliver the best solutions.

Which industries are in need of consultants?

To put it short, all businesses are in need of consultants…

No industries are excluded. It is only a question about how much demand there is within each respective industry.
That’s why PITEQ has a lot of different consultants, all with very different backgrounds, industry knowledge and levels of expertise.

E.g. PITEQ receives tasks within:

– Software and I.T develpment

– Electrical engineering

– Project Management

– Business development, etc.

At PITEQ, we don’t set any limits. When you have been approved as a specialist in the PITEQ network, then you will become annonymously visible to our entire network of companies. You will also have the opportunity to apply to publicly shown projects. Our procedure is to secure the quality of our consultants, but also to be able to make the best possible matches between you and the organizations.

We expect that you are experienced within the industry that you want to work in. The tasks that you will receive through PITEQ will therefore always be correlated to your competences. That way, we ensure the best possible match for each individual.

We therefore guarantee, that by having access to our market place, you will have a wider range of opportunity both at home and abroad, which will benefit your visibility immensely.

How do you become a consultant?

A consultant through PITEQ will basically be an independant self-employed person, who concludes a partnership agreement with PITEQ. You can sign up as a specialist at PITEQ by visiting our website.

What about the CVR-number?

If you don’t already have a CVR-number, then you can apply for one by visitng Take the leap, and become your own boss today.

Naturally, there can be a lot of reasons as to why you don’t have a CVR-number yet. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t become a consultant. Therefore, we would also like to help you in other ways, if you don’t have the desire to apply for a CVR-number. Please write to us, if that’s the case.

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